Movie: The Babadook

November 26th, 2014

the babadook movie
Rating: ★★★★☆

The Babadook is one of those rare movies where you can predict quite a lot of the plot, and yet you’re still “having fun” watching it.
The atmosphere is very dense most of the time and it’s hard to compare it to any other horror movie of the recent years. That’s mostly due to the fact that most haunted-houses / family horror movies are portraying the families as perfect (with a twist, mostly in the father) while here we see something dysfunctional from the very beginning.

That makes it all the more believable and frightening, especially when we consider all the metaphors in this film and what the Babadook really is (or can be, as the movie doesn’t give any definite answers).

All in all it’s a very well made horror film, well deserving it’s current praise. It’s original, quite scary and it tries to create it’s own “bad guy” instead of redoing the same ones over and over again. Kudos to that! And you can now get the pop-up book for yourself on their website, which adds to the mystery.

Movie: Mama (2013)

December 23rd, 2013

Rating: ★★★½☆

Guilliermo del Toro is now a mainstream guy with box office hits (Pacific Rim), but he did start with some pretty imaginative horror movies (Pan’s Labirynth for example) so I was interested by the new movie he had produced and I wasn’t disappointed. “Mama” is a mix of a ghost-story with some psychological elements and a very nice mood. It doesn’t have lots of jumpscares and is not really that scary overall (aside from the ghost itself – that’s pretty creepy) but it’s both a nice watch, and an interesting take on how to end a horror film. Big thumbs up for the ending and even if some parts of the plot were pretty easy to see through and some were plain stupid (like choosing the best time to visit a haunted house is apparently in the middle of the night, yeaaaah). It’s a good watch, very entertaining and quite original. Definitely worth a watch.

Movie: Dark Skies

December 18th, 2013

Rating: ★★★½☆

I watched “Dark Skies” at a movie theater instead of a typical “dvd movie night” so the experience was a bit different – but the sound effects played an important role here so it’s probably a good idea to watch it with surround sound. It’s one of those family+haunted house movies that turns into something completely different ultimately. It also has a funny cameo of a Hunter Thompson lookalike (well sort of) and even though it’s a bit predictable at times (especially the ending is unfortunately) it’s a nice watch and doesn’t make you feel like you’ve lost your time. Not really that scary and not really “jumpy” as well, but there’s atmosphere there alright and some nice cinematography. If you like movies about aliens and haunted houses combined (there aren’t that many) you should probably try it out.

The only shitty thing about this movie is the poster. Try not to look at it before the movie if you can, and then see the poster after you’ve watched the movie. Exactly!

Movie: The Conjuring

December 17th, 2013

Rating: ★★★★½

The Conjuring was the highest grossing horror film of 2013 and also probably the best commercially available one. The story revolves around a family of ghost hunters trying to help another family with a typical “haunted house” problem. There are some jump-scares and some nice plot twists, and basically it’s like a better “insidious” (especially since it’s done by some of the same people).

If you want to watch a horror film from 2013 and you’re considering that and Evil Dead, the choice is simple. Evil Dead compared to this is barely mediocre. Conjuring is the rightful king of 2013 horrors.

Movie: Haunter

December 16th, 2013

Haunted Photo
Rating: ★★★★☆

I wasn’t expecting much after seeing the poster, but I was pleasantly surprised, as “Haunter” is one of the better mainstream horror movies of this year. It’s a ghost story / haunted house story with a couple of very nice twists and turns and a very creepy bad guy character. If you want to see a ghost movie that doesn’t use the same cliches as the rest of them this is something you should definitely consider.

Movie: Insidious 2

December 9th, 2013

Insidious 2 horror movie 2013
Rating: ★★★★☆

Insidious 2 is supposedly James Wan’s last horror film. That’s too bad because after the great first part, and completely awesome “the conjuring” he showed us that he’s not that “the SAW guy” anymore. He brought american horror stories to a new height, even if some of the elements are a bit cliche. The best thing about his movies, and Insidious 2 is a good example of that is the fact that they’re not really “scary-scary” like most films. They’re scary on a whole other level, when you try to think if any of this can be true.

This movie is a good mix of both the “dead-world” and the real world, in which there is a battle (as usual) , but what’s really cool here is that at some point it starts being two-dimensional and twists and turns keep twisting and turning.

Of course we wouldn’t be done with a movie like that without a window to part 3, which sadly is supposed to be directed by someone else for a change. For now though, you should go watch part 2. It’s not as good as part one, but it’s definitely worth a watch.

Movie: The Awakening

January 19th, 2013

Rating: ★★★☆☆

The Awakening is a pretty interesting idea – a female scholar (in the time in Britain, that it was as unlikely, as a donkey professor) is an expert on disproving the paranormal. Sure she doesn’t have fancy digital cameras, but she does come packing equipment that can help her discover and uncover fake ghost stories and disprove the existence of haunted houses.

When a story starts like this, we already know that she’ll be proven wrong and learn that ghosts do exist sometimes. That’s not really a spoiler, it’s just common sense. I’m thinking if it was the other way around – a super ghost believer sees they’re all fake throughout the whole movie, it’d be something special and still could be scary. But anyway, back to the story – there was a boys school in the middle of nowhere in England and one of the boys died. The other boys claimed it was a ghost, and a scary one. Our researcher-lady decides to check it out and goes there, sets up here equipment and blood starts flowing…

Well not really because it’s not at all a gory movie. It’s more about setting the atmosphere and learning more about the characters past, with a pinch of ghosts added to the mix. That’s not necessarily bad, even though it’s not quite scary, but as a movie it’s very well done. The story is interesting and the finale nicely pieces everything together.

Not a masterpiece but a very well made movie indeed.

Movie: The Possession (2012)

January 10th, 2013

Rating: ★★½☆☆

The Possession is one of those movies that take a basic, overused idea and add a spice of something new to the mix. In this case the “new” was the fact that the girl (it’s always a girl, isn’t it?) wasn’t taken by our own christian devil, but a jewish female dybuk that speaks creepy Polish. Aside from that one twist the rest is pretty straightforward and typical for a exorcism-movie. Sure the guy performing it is a hipster-jew listening to music on his iPod all the time, but that’s just a sign that times have changed. The story is not bad, but nothing special either. Divorced family, a “good” dad trying to spend quality time with his daughters and a mysterious box that wasn’t supposed to be opened. And guess what happened? One of the girls opened it. That’s right. But who could blame her, if the Jewish priests who trapped the demon inside the box wanted it to be close they’d use at least a couple of languages on the lid saying “seriously dude, don’t touch it!” instead of some old hebrew alphabet that not many can read.

As cliche as those possession horrors have become, the twist here actually works in it’s favour. The acting is good enough, but the plot might get a little boring after a while. It’s not scary at all, but was pretty fun to watch over a few beers. It’s also supposedly based on a true story, but seriously? Which movie nowadays isn’t saying that to scare you more?

Where was Rec and Rec 2 filmed in Barcelona?

December 27th, 2012


Since I am currently in lovely Barcelona, Spain, I decided to check out the place where my favorite movie was filmed. It wasn’t really that hard, and google helped me out a lot. The Address is Rambla de Catalunya 34. You need to get off at the Passeig de Gracia metro and go one block towards the Rambla de Catalunya to find it. As a proof here are some pics!

You remember that hallway?


Movie: Apparition

December 17th, 2012

Apparition movie 2012
Rating: ★★★☆☆

Remember how most ghosts are people from the past that were hurt or killed by someone and now they want revenge? Or some are demons that eat up souls for some evil power to grow stronger. Others are just piranhas in 3d that just want a good chow. Or zombies for that matter. They’re all driven by something and it’s becoming slightly repetitive. That’s why I like movies in which something’s happening for no apparent reason (same with ATM movie) or just plain randomly. Apparition is another one of these and it has some very nice special effects to show that evil, ghostly force behind all the mess. Seriously parts of this movie were quite creative, which always is a good thing in the pretty stale genre of horror flicks. This is by no means anything deep and disturbing, but at the same time it doesn’t disappoint. That’s why a strong 3 is in order, and if you like ghost movies there aren’t many this year, apparently zombies have taken over the world and ghosts are now in refuge.